Maroon Sanat Tehran

Maron Sanate Tehran Company Ltd. Was Registered in November 1994 in The “companies and Noncommercial Institutes Registration Department of Tehran” and on May 31, 1995 began its activities in the area of production of P.V.C films aimed at the growth and development of this industry, as well as ending the dependency to foreign countries in this regard.In the way of meeting its valuable objective, using mechanized machineries and devices in this industry, as well as valuable experiences and skills of the human specialized forces, and increasing, as well as varietie of production, the Maron Sanate Tehran Company Ltd, had a significant presence in the P.V.C industry.

P.V.C films, which are produced in the roll shape and transparent, opaque, traded, simple, printed, unprinted, layered, non-layered, monolayer, and multilayer forms, in different and various thicknesses, colors and designs, have different applications in industrial, commercial and domestic use. These products not only meet the needs of different groups in Iran, but also are exported directly and indirectly.

The management of Maron Sanate Tehran Company believes that the product quality and customer’s satisfaction are two main criteria of the success of each company. The company has always attempted to preserve these two criteria for its products in the P.V.C industry.

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. In the area of competition with its colleagues, The Maron Sanate Tehran Company, Respecting the efforts of all players in this area acquired a special position in the marketplace of this industry. The Maron Sanate Tehran Company is one of the first companies in the P.V.C industry, which managed to receive the ISO 9001quality certificate in 2007.